Affordable Commercial HVAC Service in NYC

When business owners in NYC search for the most dependable provider of commercial HVAC service in NYC, they often turn to the professionals at Quick SERVE HVAC.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair NYCFor the past three-decades, our team has been dedicated to providing HVAC solutions for retail shops, medical facilities, office buildings, and all commercial locations in the greater NYC metro area. Whether you have a traditional commercial HVAC cooling system or a commercial heating unit designed to keep your office comfortable when the freezing temperatures arrive, you can depend on our commercial HVAC Company in NYC to keep your system running strong around the clock.

Our team of licensed and EPA certified HVAC technicians specialize in commercial HVAC service in NYC. This detailed training and experience allows us to proactively solve most HVAC problems that is unique to business locations – providing you peace of mind knowing that the company taking care of your commercial HVAC system are experts in your type of unit.

If you need any Commercial HVAC service in New York City, don’t wait—call the professionals at Quick SERVE HVAC at (212) 257-0876 or click here to contact us online.


When it’s hot and muggy outside you want to keep it cool and comfortable for your people. However, many business owners also use delicate and expensive equipment in the day-to-day operations of their business that also temperature sensitive. Due to this fact, it’s vital to keep your commercial cooling system in NYC running smooth with commercial HVAC cooling and heating service in NYC.

Our cooling service includes:

  1. Air Conditioning and HVAC System Maintenance
  2. Air Conditioning and HVAC System Repair
  3. Air Conditioning and HVAC System Service

We have the experience and equipment to service any sort of commercial HVAC cooling system – regardless of the size, complexity or age of the equipment. We also have an outstanding relationship with many of the leading manufacturers of commercial HVAC cooling systems that are used in NYC – which allows us to get the parts you need at a very affordable price. A great solution to keep your overall costs down is to activate a commercial HVAC service contract with Quick SERVE HVAC. Our service agreements are designed to:

  • Keep your cooling system running strong with scheduled service calls
  • Quickly repair any issues with your cooling system before they turn into larger problems
  • Quick response time to emergency situations
  • Periodic maintenance check-ups
  • Reduce your overall energy bills
  • Prevent cooling system breakdowns; resulting in less productivity
  • FREE service calls

No matter what type of HVAC cooling system you have – Quick SERVE HVAC has an affordable solution. Quick SERVE HVAC also services commercial heating systems in NYC. Although many of today’s leading commercial HVAC units are extremely durable systems, just like any other mechanical device – they require routine service to run smooth and efficient around the clock. Our commercial heating service company in NYC has the on-hands experience and knowledge to service all commercial heating systems including:

Service All HVAC Makes and Models

Since we’ve been in business for over 30-years, we’ve literally seen it and worked on every type of commercial HVAC system used in NYC. Whether it’s a roof top system, or a boiler in your basement, we have the ability to get them all serviced on time – and always at a price you can afford.

When business owners in New York City need to count on a professional commercial HVAC company in NYC for all their service needs, they contact Quick SERVE HVAC. Our dedication to providing superior customer service and affordable HVAC solutions has become a hallmark trait of the way we do business daily. To learn more about our company, or to inquire about our commercial HVAC service agreement program, contact us today.